Cabus Parish


Date of next meeting
Monday 10 January 2022 at 7.30pm in Cabus Village Hall.
Due to space restrictions, please contact the Clerk if you are a member of the public and wish to attend this meeting 


Cabus is a small rural parish set in beautiful countryside mid-way between Lancaster and Preston. 

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Black and white map of Cabus Colour map showing the boundary of Cabus parish

Cabus Parish Council
As a local Parish Council our approach is welcoming and friendly – we meet once every two months at Cabus Village Hall and all local residents are encouraged to get to at least one meeting a year to have their say on what’s going on in and around the parish and what should be done to improve life in the Parish. All the Parish Councillors are local residents and the work they do on your behalf is unpaid. They are elected once every four years (last election was May 2019) and they endeavour to serve the needs of the local community by providing services (such as a lengthsman to keep the area looking well maintained). The Parish Council is the focal point for the receipt of views from the local electorate and it is this voice that we try and ensure is heard by Wyre Borough and Lancashire County Council. 

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